Typical Fertiliser Plant during planned shut down
THE MECHANICAL SERVICES DIVISION is capable of handling a wide variety of tasks. This includes stripping, cleaning, surveying, refurbishment, installing and testing of most boiler plant as well as mechanical handling and conveying equipment. Added to this is a workshop facility for the hydrostatic pressure, or air testing of valves and pressure vessels.
Plant room
Our team of highly skilled Fitters, Riggers, Pipe Fitters and fully coded Welders complete with all plant and equipment is available to you within a few hours and necessary to complete any task as quickly and safely as possible. Our works Machine Shop can also be used to assist when required.
Swimming Pool
We will be pleased to assist you at the planning stage, for any mechanical work which may be necessary during your scheduled shutdown.


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Typical Fertiliser Plant during planned shut down

Our welders are fully skilled and qualified to BSEN 287: Part 1 and all welding is carried out using approved welding procedures accordance with BSEN 288: Parts: 1, 2 & 3.

Post and preheat operations are carried out by trained personnel using the very latest heat treating methods and portable equipment.

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